Welcome to the homepage of Podenero!

Welcome to the homepage of Finland’s northernmost Podengo kennel. I breed small smooth haired Portuguese Podengos.
I have two Podengo males, Lill Jägarens Herakles, ”Rekku” and his son Podenero Suntoucher, ''Nuusku''. Recently I bought a female puppy called Sinacria Any Other Day, ''Ella''. We also have a Border Collie Tronic Lee, ''Troy''.
Podengo is active and quite smart. If you are looking for a couch potatoe, podengo is not for you. These dogs need action and for example agility is suitable for them. Where you are - that's where they like to be.
I hope you enjoy visiting my homepage and find the information you need. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Kennel Podenero

Maria-Melina Väyrynen, Oulu, Finland
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